February 7, 2013

How we’re rolling out Mailbox

Now that we’ve begun filling reservations for Mailbox, we’d like to share what we expect the rollout to look like.

Mailbox relies on servers in the cloud to do things like send push notifications, make downloading email as fast as possible, and handle snoozed messages. Software that is server-based is susceptible to being overloaded and we want to keep this from happening. This is email, after all, and it needs to work reliably. 

We’ve designed the Mailbox service to scale indefinitely, and have done as much load testing as we can. But we don’t know what we don’t know, so we’re using reservations to add people gradually. 

At first, the pace may seem slow. This is by design. If we run into unexpected snags, we may even stop filling reservations temporarily. But as the service grows, we should be able to dramatically increase this pace until we no longer need a reservation system at all. 

This is familiar territory: it’s how many of the services you probably use today (including Gmail) were initially taken to market. Keep an eye on this blog and use the app’s built-in counter to chart the line’s progress. We’ll have your Mailbox ready as soon as we can.