February 14, 2013

Back in the Saddle: Week 1 in Review

It’s been a wild, adrenaline-charged week for Mailbox. Since going live in the App Store last Thursday, a lot has happened.

First things first: today was rough. After seeing intermittent sync issues last night, the Mailbox system ground to a halt this morning. No one could check mail, and we decided to pause the line. Our first priority is to ensure a reliable experience for people using the app, so the downtime was especially hard. The press responded with stories of the outage. Support requests began pouring in. It was the kind of day a startup fears most.

But here we are — Mailboxes are syncing and reservations are being filled. Many of you have written to us with encouragement and understanding, and we’re humbled and inspired by your response. Thank you.

So what’s next? You might notice that the line is moving more slowly compared to yesterday. Today’s outage was related to certain infrastructure limits, and reducing the rate of new users temporarily will help us address them quickly. We know that so many of you are eager to give Mailbox a try, and we’ll continue working around the clock until you can. 

Finally, this week has been mind-bending in terms of numbers, so we thought we’d share some of those too. While we’ve been fixing bugs, optimizing our back-end to handle massive amounts of data, and sharing high-fiving kittens on Twitter, you all have been swiping and emailing at an eye-popping pace.


You may recall that before last Thursday Mailbox was only in a small number of hands (iOS betas are strictly limited in terms of total devices). On the first day, we stretched to fill 1,000 reservations. Tonight we filled reservation #150,000. In this first week, Mailbox delivered over 50 million emails, and together we’ve reached zero inbox a jaw-dropping 400,000 times. 

So that’s week 1. We’ve got a long way to go. And we’re so excited to have you with us. Thank you for joining us on this journey to transform how we interact with email.

The Mailbox Team